Bracelets for Our Brothers
Help Us Bring Our Brothers Home


Neil and Genny met their daughters in a Bulgarian orphanage for the first time in October 2015.  When they arrived, they were devastated to learn that the girls had two biological brothers also in the same orphanage.  The Nelsons were told they could not pursue the adoption of the brothers at that time.  In October of 2016, the Nelsons decided that they would return to Bulgaria to adopt Evvie and Stella's brothers.  

Why Bracelets

The Nelsons realized quickly that both Evvie and Stella had a talent for bracelet making.  When they first met the girls, they brought them a bracelet making kit and a loom.  However, it quickly became evident that the girls had a talent for making the bracelets without the assistance of a loom, using their fingers as a loom instead.  Bracelet making continues to be a talent and a pastime for the whole Nelson family.


Our mission was born out of a need to bring these two boys home.  International Adoption is an expensive endeavor, and our daughters wish to be a part of bringing their brothers home.  It is our hope that once funds are raised for this adoption, we can continue to make bracelets and allow the proceeds to go towards other families pursuing International or Domestic adoption.  We pledge to continue giving once we meet our financial goal.