Bracelets for Our Brothers
Help Us Bring Our Brothers Home
Although orphans exists all over the world, we were called to adopt two sibling girls from Bulgaria in 2014.  When we finally met our daughters in October 2015, we discovered they had two biological brothers living with them in the same orphanage.  Your donation will allow us to complete the adoption of these two brothers, reunite these siblings, and help Neil and Genny to have two sons.

Children in orphanages are without the love and security of a family, and they are often left without hope for a future.  Please consider making a donation so these boys can have an education, a family, and a chance at a happy life. 

Any contributions made are tax deductible, and go directly to our agency, WACAP.  WACAP will also get to keep a small percentage to help other families who are adopting domestically or internationally.  If we reach and exceed our goal, we pledge that any additional funds will be used to help other families to make #onelessorphan.