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About Us
Genny and Neil Nelson began their adoption journey in 2014.  They were called to adopt two sibling girls from an orphanage in Bulgaria.  After months of paperwork, they met their daughters in October of 2015.  Upon meeting their daughters, they discovered that their daughters had two biological brothers also living in the same orphanage.  The Nelsons were devastated because they understood that finalization of their adoption of Evvie and Stella would mean that these siblings, together since birth, would be forever separated.  Neil and Genny inquired about adding the brothers to their pending adoption of their daughters, but this request was denied.  They were told their only option would be to start all over again

The next chapter

The Nelson family as a whole has decided to once again pursue International Adoption from Bulgaria to bring these two brothers home.  Neil and Genny are ecstatic to gain two more children, to have sons at home.  Evvie and Stella are over the moon to possibly be reunited with their brothers.  The family has been able to have some limited and monitored communication with the brothers and they are thrilled at the prospect of being adopted.  They cannot wait to see the Nelsons again, and to then finally be a part of a permanent, stable family.

why this website? 

International Adoption is an expensive endeavor.  There are many reasons for the high fees, and many fees do help orphans and their advocates.  The Nelsons were able to finance their first adoption through saving for many years, being frugal, and making careful choices about how they spent their money.  However, now with two special needs children at home, this is proving to be more difficult, and time is of the essence.  The Nelson family is asking for your help either through donations, purchase of a handmade bracelet, or both.  If you are unable to help them in this way, please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers, and ask how you can emotionally support them.

Gratitude and a pledge

The Nelson family realizes that every dollar donated to this cause is a personal sacrifice.  The family pledges to use all funds collected for the sole purpose of completing this important adoption.  Should a surplus of funds be raised, the additional money will be given to other families currently pursuing domestic or international adoption.

The Nelson family also extends their most sincere gratitude.  To other adopting families: they pledge their emotional support during your journeys, and, once once this adoption is complete, they will pledge financial support to the greatest level they are able.